My Only Book

An Anthology of Poems & Prose Penned by a Protestant Poetaster ~With the Best of Inspired Others~


Of Love and Understanding

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Can I expect you to understand the way I do?

    And yet, you have understood the way that you could,

    and stretched yourselves to see me through.

Never will my eyes be as yours, which tell the pain,

    of years of love and patient waiting —

    a grey reflection of your grief, and my shameful failings.

Now — youth and age, life and death

    dare to cut our paths asunder.

    Your sacrifice and your love carried my life

    on and on, the fruit of years of aged wisdom —

    to me a ceaseless wonder.


And then I think of “HIM”,

    who for our plight became so poor;

    yet sacrificed his all for even others still—

    and paved the way, a gainful path unnoticed,

    that “others,” such as you and me,

    might go, and plow, and sow, and till.

He lends us gain, a sum untouched by hands in dirt,

    and reminds our hearts of life’s most glorious worth —

    To live for others, in coin, in thought, by possessions and deeds

    Through the life of him whose blood-life was let —

    that “we cold be bought.”

So grateful to him, whose mind I pray will be mine,

    and so thankful to you, who’s gifts and giving ways

    beckon to carefully call to mind

    life’s most forgiving, accepting ransom,

    and loves most heartful gift and sacrifice —

    Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Written to my Grandparents with love —1985


Ode to J.B. --- "We'd"

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We’d sit beside, our minds encountering—eye to eye.

As flames a-crackling warm away every woeful sigh.

We’d ponder the day’s inspirations—the Revelations,

Sharpening each our swords and rising aspirations.


We’d fly off to heaven’s blissful realm—spiritually nigh,

Envisioning the Holy One, who for our sins, grievously did die.

Kindred spirits well enjoined, sealed for-ever friends,

We’d joy in present unison, never once to bend.

Our hearts each crying out, as upward our earnest climb,

In steps grow steeper and steeper—in prophetic time.

We’d grow in grace , and in faith and love,

As together We’d look steadfast to him above.

Heaven’s realm awaits us: eternity’s road to comprehend,

Of this We’d reach that lovely welcome rest,

Beholding Jesus’ glorious face We’d find at last—

True happiness, and all earth’s griefs and sorrows fully past.


To my Christian brother and friend, J.B.,—Servant of the Most High

October 1989.

Through The Silence

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Through the silence...

(you need to know),

I am with you.

(We both will grow

"Interior Sufferings”)—

none but you, and

none but me, can

anticipate comfortings—

While ashes fall

from burnt thoughts,

Through the silence...

Where I am kept,

your heart has wept.

Apart two lone “I’s”...

together it is we.

We struggle, we're tried...

Til Christ’s coming—

Embrace the pain!

As refreshing rain

through the silence...

You must know,

I am with you.

We both will grow.

All “undone” we’ll

see Him come...

for the lowly...

for the lovely, and...

The silence will end.

Nothing But Jesus

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Nothing sublime in thought or penned,

Only a little rhyme for you my friend.

Nothing so simple or complicated ‘tis true,

That our friendship can’t wait on anew.

Nothing shines so brightly as Jesus in you—

A sweet smiling face and your spirit so true.

Nothing but brothers and sisters forever will do,

Jesus mixes colors in beautiful hues.

Nothing but me’s and beautiful you’s,

Christ shining in me and shining in you.

Nothing but Jesus, our portraits to view,

Nothing but Jesus binds in loving twos.

No one but Jesus can join friends — me and you.

Nothing but Jesus, for me, for you,

No, nothing but Jesus will do!

Nothing sublime in thought or pen,

Only a little rhyme to you my friend.