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Ponder, Mourn, the Haitian Earthquake

Posted on July 14, 2010 at 11:52 PM

                              Haiti’s crying wind blew in yesterday,

                              and un-nerved the souls of America;

                              and blew right thru my own heart-way.


                              Across the blasted rusty mill creek it fell —

                              A tree: already dead, the wind ‘snapped,’

                              and lay it’s splintered torso FLAT.


                              All day each leaden hued face I met,

                              was stunned in look and tones of grief.

                              What else can be said in so sad regret?

                              O pray for the living Haitian’s relief.


                              Tens of thousands of souls are dead,

                              and tens of thousands more  ‘sigh’

                              and ask— “O GOD! Are you dead?!”

                              (How sad to thus mournfully cry!)


                              A tree, if green, stands head erect.

                              It drives it’s limbs heaven-ward,

                              as if light from above calls to direct.

                              A man is a tree, and green—if he elects,

                              but his choices own him and are free.

                              Overall, heaven wills (or not) to intersect.

                             Given to all is the willful choice that’s free.

                              There a man finds his rightful person,

                              and finds equal the STAND of other trees,

                              where most agree God’s “no respecter of person.”

                              So, heaven must judge the ‘created,’

                              and we all (for yea or nay) will agree

                              until ‘sin’ be no more respected,

                              and GOD be seen AS GOD,

                              when all eyes HIM will see.

                              For now one must ponder the dilemma.

                              Was Haite already the deadened tree?

                              So, when her splintered torso lay flat,

                              By the crying wind of yesterday’s deed

                              she answered to her mournful lying rap—

                              “O GOD! You are really dead!”

                              (They awayed His grace, tis the cold-hard fact.)

                              Ponder the thought I’ve now just penned.

                              How many trees snapped before God

                              in that yesterday’s cause of wind

                              — and were they already ‘snapped’—

                              splintered torsos because already dead?!

                              And how many Christians today stand like that—

                              Dead trees, already dead, ready to snap,

                              when the crying wind comes to blow?

                              Who can really really know?

                              The thought is in my own lap.

                              A thought, an idea, can be a tree, but it too

                              Can be already dead, and ‘snapped,’

                              Laying ‘it’s splintered torso flat,’

                              Hence a meaningful image of two

                             (or more, if you’ll think about that.)    


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