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Have You Thought About Your Soul?

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Have you Thought about Your Soul

by David Buttram

"Have you ever stopped to wonder

What this life is all about?

Why you're here and where you're going

When your lease on time runs out?

Maybe you've been too busy

Trying hard to reach your goal.

Would you let me ask you kindly

Have you thought about your soul?

If you've never thought it over,

Spend a little time today;

There is nothing more important

That will ever come your way,

Than the joy of sins forgiven,

And to know you've been made whole

In the Name of Christ the Savior.

Have you thought about your soul?"

Quoted from the Gospel Tract Harvester Newsletter, February 2002, page 16.

O' Where is my Mother's Bible?

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O’ Where is my mother’s Bible,

where the pages, all tattered and worn,

prove the grace of life eternal

through a faith she might’ve born?

Did it belong to a long ago “other”

who lived before her sore time,

who received it’s precepts promptly,

storing treasure “line upon line”?

O’ where is my mother’s Bible

where “the fear of the Lord” is found,

where the simple drink of true wisdom,

whose “Christ shaped” minds are sound?

Did it pass through my line of heritage

“disgraced”—none grateful to heed?

Did they fall to the tempter’s lying adage,

and so they felt no heart meant need?

O’ where is my mother’s Bible,

the power of God upon this earth,

so abundantly found all around us

but oft valued with little true worth?

Will it burn with the rest of the pages,

written through mankind’s quick wit;

to be buried with worldly sages...

who ignored this heavenly script?

O’ give me my mother’s Bible!

Which tell of man’s early fall,

and that has not an earthly rival,

Yet points to the One who gave us all.

We live at the time of the end

and wickedness around us abounds.

Men seeking to make all amends,

only make the “Word of God” bound!

Holy prophets tell of this present,

{the “Word of God” never lies}.

To those with grace is lent

what Noah’s “eight” did prize.

Neither father, mother, sister or brother

no, none can keep himself alive,

save those knowing no other

then the BOOK that discerns all lies.

O’ where is my mother’s Bible?!

But HERE in “my heart” always,

granting the life she found liable

not embracing the Truth, the Way.

Lawrence Scott

When God Created Man

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When God created man

did he know of life?

When the soil became one

did he know of strife?

When it rained a storm

did he create the flood?

When the flood had sighed

had he let us ride?

When he cleared the sky

did he hear us cry?

When we came to land

did our tears run dry?

When we sat and prayed

did he hear our praise?

When we failed in faith

did he set us straight?

As time moved onward

did man fall backward?

When God created man

was there form or plan?

Lawrence Scott

Letter to Diogenes

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Diogenes, you would not be proud

of what I have lastly found

Sympathetic trusts so true

that they override my solitude.

Loneliness, is not a petty pain

else, I would ignore its ugly fame.


This creative surge is deep within,

although you’d say, “it’s only sin!”

But, I say to you in secluded rage!

That in the end I’ll turn back the page!

The words will be changed...for good!

For no evil will concur, or could!

Your blasted ways will want revenge!

But my souls delight will bend your ends!

Forlorn, bedighted?

No more!

I’ll say:






Lawrence Scott 1982

Come---the Solitude

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The Solitude of Aloneness


Mans essential spirit

Freedom un-found

A link to *soul—

Undivided and true


The unabashed, loving self


The Unifier persists.

A gift in life,

A causeway to follow.

Come—the Solitude

*soul = character


Lawrence Scott 1981

That's My Soul

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That’s my soul lying there. You don’t know what a soul is?

You think it’s some kind of ghostly sheet-like thing

you can see through and it floats in the air?

That’s my soul lying there.

Remember when my hand shook because I was

nervous in the group?

Remember the night I goofed and argued too much

and got mad and couldn’t get out of the whole mess?

Another time I said that someone once told me

something about herself that she didn’t have to.

I said that she told me something that could have

hurt her.

And I guess I was asking you to do the same.

I was asking you to let me know you.

That’s part of my soul too.

When you told that my mother didn’t love my

dad and I knew it as a kid,

When you said that my eyes water when I get hurt

even thou I’m thirty-four and too much a man to cry,

I was putting my soul out there in the space between you and me.

Yeah, that’s my soul lying there.

I’ve never met God.

I mean I’ve never met that old man who sits on a

cloud with a crown and a staff and knows every-

thing and is everything and controls everything.

But I’ve met you.

Is that God in your face?

Is that God in your soul lying there?

Well, that’s my soul lying there.

I’ll let you pick it up.

That’s why I put it there.

It’ll bruise and turn rancid like an old banana if

you want to manhandle it.

It’ll go away if you want to ignore it.

But if you want to put your soul there beside it,

there may be love.

There may even be God.


Another from the book “No Longer Strangers” by Bruce Larson


"Hello World"

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Hello out there, world; It’s me in here.

Can’t you see me? What? You’re having trouble hearing me?

But, I’m in here. Yes, that’s right.

Inside where? Inside myself, of course.

The outside shell is very thick; I’m having trouble getting out.

Who am I? You say I don’t sound like myself?

That’s because you’ve never heard me.

This other guy? Oh, he’s the shell I told you about.

You say that’s me? No, I’m in here; He’s just my protection.

Protection from what? From you, the world. I can’t be hurt here.

You see, my shell keeps you away. You, the world, are pain.

I’m safe in here; I will never be laughed at.

The shell? Oh, he doesn’t mind the laughter.

Come to think of it, I’m comfortable in here.

Why should I leave? Hello, world, still listening?

What’s that, world? I thought for a minute you said something.

It was a faint voice; It sounded human, real, I thought.

I thought it was answering me. Maybe not.

I can’t hear too well inside this shell. Well, I feel funny, sleepy,

And it’s so comfortable in here, world.

From the book “No Longer Strangers” by Bruce Larson

Lord, Lord

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You call me Lord, Lord, and then you go your way...

You call me Lord, Lord, and then you don’t obey...

You call me Lord, Lord, and then do things your way...

How can I be Lord, if I am never Lord of your today?

What you really want is not a God at all

just an idol picture ignored upon your wall

not a person who loves and really cares

just a self-made God, who leaves you hanging there

What you really want is to be left alone...

Wandering aimlessly, no purpose, and no home

What you don’t know is that you have a name

But I can’t tell you that, as long as you play games

What you really want is something you don’t know

your search is endless, no matter where you go

until your still, and I can have my way

you’ll be empty, for love is to obey.



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Inveighing against pervasive attitudes,

escaping irreparable cataclysms,

is living life’s dilemmas.

Living amongst sagacious plebeians,

surmounting inexpedient difficulties,

is fighting worldly battles.

Searching amidst prevailing insouciances,

finding omnipotent prescience,

is winning endless concerns.

The Unnamed Poem

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For years I’ve breathed

the existence of an outward reality

called existence...

Enduring, living through time

and space, as a human

resisting certain extinction...

Wandering and wondering

in a sublime fashion

waiting for something spectral...

Hoping and praying for

something of substance

to carry off my verity...

Confusion - sites man’s

incapacity to escape

his own expectations...

Breeding him to think

unimportant thoughts that

contain him and keep him...

Something means something

but nothing seems to exist

in a world of persecution

and people that resist.


June 23, 1981 Lawrence Scott


"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear." "Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given." Mark 4:24 

The DARK SAYINGS of PROPHECY---the secret things that belong unto the Lord our God---the opposite of the Spirit of Evil, the "Strange woman"---the Deep and Secret Things GOD Reveals of the Darkness and Light that Dwells with him; the wisdom and might, the OMNISCIENCE revealing the Revelations of Kings; all these things spoke (and embodied King Jesus when upon earth) unto the multitudes in PARABLES; and without a PARABLE spake he not unto them that would listen: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the PROPHET, saying, I WILL OPEN MY MOUTH IN PARABLES; I will utter things which have been kept SECRET from the foundation of the world; the SECRETS of WISDOM, that they are double to that OF the "finding out of the Almighty to Perfection" (despite our iniquities); THE SECRETS of the heart sacrifice of sheep counted for the slaughter (as Jesus was); THE CONCEALED SECRETS of the matters of a faithful  spirit, harbored safe in the mulititude of counselors, where is the God in heaven that REVEALETH SECRETS and maketh known unto kings what shall be in the latter days (now), in the VISIONS of the heads (of kings, presidents, prime ministers, rich men, the high men of the earth, the merchants of the earth, and even dictators) what should come to pass hereafter (in our present moment of the future) and by THE REVEALER OF SECRETS; concerning human beings who receive THESE SECRETS, to make known the INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS AND VISIONS to kings, that all men may know their hearts and BY TRUTH know God is a God of God's, and a Lord of Kings; and indeed a REVEALER OF SECRETS because of DIVINE OMNISCIENCE, settling in their hearts and consciences, witnessing to the LAW OF GOD, in the day when God shall JUGDE THE SECRETS OF MEN by Jesus Christ according to the Gospel message of Glad Tidings of Good News. These are THE PROPHESYS WHICH MANIFEST THE SECRETS OF MEN'S HEARTS and cause them to fall down and worship and witness that GOD IS with (these) PROPHETS OF TRUTH, who are servants of Jesus Christ --- Apostles separated unto the Gospel of God as promised, for he promised his PROPHETS in the ancient holy scriptures (writ, graphe, documents) in THE PREDICTION of Jesus Christ our Lord, who was born just like the patriarch David was, in human flesh: whom now is made manifest, and BY THE SCRIPTURES OF THE PROPHETS, according to the EVERLASTING GOD, made known to all nations (ALL |PEOPLES) for the OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, which OBEDIENCE is deserving of a God of such WISDOM that he should be glorified for ever through Jesus, the christ. All these hath the INVISIBLE church (for those who have the kingdom of God within them) manifest in APOSTLES uppermost, then PROPHETS, then Teachers, then Miracles Workers, Healers and their gifts, Gifted Helpers, and Administrators of God, especially in all languages spoken by the nations (peoples); for the SPIRIT OF THE PROPHETS ARE SUBJECT TO THE PROPHETS that there may be no confusion of BABEL or BABYLON, but peace in all the INVISIBLE CHURCHES (of the hearts) of the saints; who are no more strangers but fellow citizens of God's GOVERNMENT, with the saints, and of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the Apostles and PROPHETS, Jesus Christ himself being the CHIEF CORNERSTONE OF GOD THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF GOD. AMEN, and amen.

(This is a poem actually. It takes a bit of pain to read through it though, because the style is "continual paragraphing." References: De 29:29/Dan 2:2,3/ Mt 13:34-36/Job 11:6-7/Ps 44:21-22/Pv 11:13,14/Dan 2:29,30,47/Rm 2:15-17/Rm 1:2,3/1 Cor 12:28/14:32,33/Eph 2:20-22)